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Sea, Sea Swallow Me - Solo Show by Uta Bekaia at Window Project

Window Project presents a solo exhibition by Uta Bekaia "Sea, Sea, Swallow Me ".

The project is based on the narrative written by the artist during a COVID 19 lockdown. It tells a story where people feel cornered and want the significant change to happen. They will change their path artificially by triggering a fabricated apocalypse with seven explosions. After this, humans mutate and become Super-Humans, fully expanding their consciousness.

The project "Sea, Sea, Swallow Me" responds to the natural and artificial worlds divide. The project will be a projection of one of the possible outcomes of the future. The show will raise existential questions like; Concept of a butterfly effect and possible future outcomes triggered by our actions. The gap between reality and created industrial world is increasing with modern understanding of civilization. The realization that we are small particles of the universe is essential today, a small yet crucial part of one big machine, one organism. We are all interconnected, and each of us has a great deal of role to play in developing future evolution.

The most important part of the project is that the story will be visualized as if the child experienced it. The immersive installation is built with objects that are very tactile and physical and are combined with large scale video projections that encapsulate the spaces entirely. They make the viewers conscious and aware of their physicality and their presence. These visceral experiences become a catalyst to internalize concerns or ideas that, in most cases, seem alienated or distant and makes them more "real."

The exhibition will open its doors to viewers on February 9th and will be on display until March 22nd.