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ME AND YOU, YOU AND ME – Duo Show By Keti Kapanadze and Alexandre Beglarishvili at Gallery 4710

Gallery 4710 presents the duo show "Me and You, You and Me" by two artists of differentgeneration, Keti Kapanadze and Alexander Beglarishvili. The exhibition presents the artists’ recent works, united by the element steel. The exhibition is the combination of two independent artistic researches, who combine the exhibition as a one whole installation.
The exhibition will be open to viewers until December 14 th .

Keti Kapanadze

Keti Kapanadze (1962) was born in Tbilisi. While still a student at the Art Academy in Tbilisi, she
produced her first conceptual graphical and photo works in 1983, she was the first conceptual artist in Georgia in Soviet times. Since that time her works are part of the permanent exhibition of the Norton and Nancy Dodge Collection of Nonconformist Art from the USSR at the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers, USA. Her works are in important European collections, such as: Museum Bochum; Stuttgart State Gallery; Ministry of Culture, Stuttgart; European Patent Office, München; State Art State Gallery Göppingen; MoMa Moscow.

Me and you, you and me

Who am I, the one who sits in my body and relizes that she thinks, or the one who in the mirror calls her reflection myself. The world travels in a continuous stream of consciousness from outside to inside, from inside to outside, as if there are no walls, no obstacles, physical laws, or biological rules, from me to you, from you to me. And what is the difference then between us? Maybe my consciousness is yours and your body is mine. And if so, what will happen if I were you and you were me now.

Step over

Step over the curtain of physical rules.
There you will find the structures of numbers
Which through the infinite versions of probabilities.
Create that language thus the world speaks.

Alexandre Beglarishvili

Alexander Beglarishvili (b. 1999) is a Visual artist. Currently a student at Städelschule, graduated from VA[A]DS (Visual arts and Design School at Free University). He mainly works on installations using textile and metal. Beglarishvili’s artistic practice is based around creating an emotional sanctuaries and safe spaces at various locations. Working on the contrasts of Eastern Orthodox practices and queer culture, his work functions as a personal guide book translating his environment to a more legible construct.

In defense of the opacity towards protrusion,
Denounce the tale of impartiality sheltering that which constitutes a moderate fancy, Instead – weave a thread of sheer compulsion, Perhaps with a pinch of combustible inertia,
To plunge into the self-consuming vigor of momentary dedication Defying the disgraceful plasticity of mildly detached, wellness laden, crystalline self-care. And If, by chance, the relentlessness of my desire rings an alarming bell, Prepare the armor of solid steel,
I will greet you in Organza.