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FALL HAZARD – Solo Show By Lia Bagrationi at Artarea Gallery

Curated by Tamta Shavgulidze

Photos by Giorgi Nazghaidze

On December 1, a personal exhibition of artist Lia Bagrationi - "Fall Hazard" has been opened at the Artarea Gallery. Each work presented at the exhibition was created in the gallery space. "Within the framework of the exhibition, the medium of soft sculpture will examine the impossibility of giving space to the body and its mastery, the issue of transforming the possession into a lost place. The space is visually marked by soft sculpture and its real nature is unstable and fragile. The aesthetic feature of the exhibition is monochromaticism, the volumes hidden under the graphic grid, the softness of the visually solid volumetric forms and the duality of tactile sensations, ”- reads the press release of the exhibition.

The project includes an exhibition, a discussion platform, a series of dialogues between the
artist, the curator and art researchers.

The exhibition is available for visitors from December 1-10, from 13:00 to 19:00.