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The Ria Keburia A-i-R immerses itself in critical issues of contemporary art and everyday life. It serves as a convergence point for practitioners from around the globe, uniting them in the exploration of common ideas and practices. The geography of artists involved in the residency program is a testament to its international allure, featuring participants from Ukraine, Austria, Latvia, France, the USA, Brazil, Germany, Belarus, and Russia. A melting pot of artistic visions, the Ria Keburia A-i-R program stands as a beacon of creativity, illuminating the intersection of diverse perspectives in the pursuit of a richer, interconnected global artistic landscape.

The Ria Keburia A-i-R is largely thematic, focusing on critical issues in contemporary art, as well as everyday life. It brings together practitioners from all around the world exploring common ideas and practices. There is no geographical remit.

The program is focused on enabling artists to develop new works, network, and interact with art professionals in Georgia. Applicants should have a moderate level of spoken Georgian or English. Applicants should submit a project proposal, outlining his/her specific research interest and intention for the residency.

The artists working with paintings, animation, dance, fashion, video art, installation, ceramics, textiles, silk printing, wood, performance, photography, land art, sculpture are welcome to apply.

STRUCTURE: Self-initiated artist residency for local and international self- supported artists; Grant Programs (supported by different NGOs, for ex.: Artists-at- Risk, IPureland etc); International A-i-R Partnership Programs for the artists from Georgia (funded by the Ria Keburia Foundation)