Ukrainian artists-refuges
Ria Keburia Foundation has launched the open call to support the Ukrainian Artists/Art Professionals, whose practice is currently heavily affected by the war in Ukraine. Ria Keburia Artist-in-Residence and Curator-in-Residence Programs have always aimed to support emerging artists and art professionals. However, in these difficult times of despair and resistance towards the war, our program decided to launch support for those artists in need, who are on the front line of resistance and suffer unbearable losses.

This residency program is focused to raise awareness towards the current humanitarian catastrophe and help artists finalize or create the works that have been interrupted or destroyed during this war. Artists can join the residency program for 2 weeks, from the selected day.

During the residency, the participants will have the opportunity to connect with the local art professionals. Get access to the studio and start or complete their projects.


Located far from urban distractions, „Ria Keburia Residency" with its unique and supportive environment offers creative space, time and resources to experiment and develop. Work in progress will be displayed in the gallery space, where artists will have an opportunity to receive feedback from residency guests and the local community.

Studio / Workspace

Every resident has a private room where he/she is free to work. In addition, we have shared working spaces.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Animation, Dance, Design, Fashion, Video, Installation, Land Art, Performance, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Textile, Painting.

WHO: Artists and curators of all ages and nationalities.

LOCATION: Kachreti, Georgia (47 miles from Tbilisi International Airport).

  • Accommodation (Single room);

  • Breakfast / lunch / dinner;

  • Art supplies (a list of needed materials should be inserted into the residency application form);

  • Mentorship from Ria Keburia Gallery;

  • Open studio event, studio visits from guests of the Residency;

  • Letter of recommendation;

  • Exhibition promoted through the Gallery's social media;

  • accounts and newsletter.


Create authentic work expressing his/her unique artistic vision or exhibition concept.

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