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Ria Keburia Foundation is pleased to invite 10 graduates of Tbilisi Art Academy of Fashion Design to participate in wearable art workshop – "Live Sculptures (Awakening)".

Participants will be asked to create pieces, which fuses art and fashion, using the human body as a kinetic component. Works can be of any genre or topic - conceptual
forms of clothing made with any technique(dynamic sculptures), interpretations of form/ objects using different materials (fabric, paper), functional or static.
Sculptures may be humorous, wild, exciting, provocative, cynical or outrageous- as long as it is original, wearable and well-constructed, it fits the definition. Works can
also take varied forms anything from sculptural to flat and be created in any desired techniques such as knitting, leather tooling, weaving, dyeing or sewing.

At the end of the workshop, participants should represent their works through performance or installation in our cultural space.

Sewing machine is available on site. Participants are kindly requested to prepare materials, concept and project sketch beforehand.

Dates: October 1 – October 10

Participants: Graduates of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

Duration: 10 days

Location: Gurjaani Region, Village Kachreti