How to verbalize art - Workshop
Discussing art, it is writing or speaking about it, can be. challenging. It requires a lot of skill, broad vocabulary and an open mind to verbalize an art piece with confidence.

In this 10-day online workshop, you will be able to sharpen your verbal skills and speak/write about any kind of art-related topic without a lot of "umms" and "umms" between words.
Below is a program Draft and a general framework that I created based on a book by David Carrier – Writing about Visual Art (Aesthetic Today).

Day 1-2 – Beginnings in Art Writing (Ernst Gombrich, Leo Steinberg, Michel Foucault)

Day 3-4 – Art Narrative (Discussing different contemporary novels, character or scene descriptions)

Day 5-6 – Defining Art: How we do things with words, how to write an artist's statement

Day 7-8 - Art criticism

Day 9-10 – Discuss your and your groupmates art piece in a verbal and written form.

Spoken Language: Georgian

Availability: Max. 15 students
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