Elena Goroshek (Sisicus)

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This project is dedicated to the beauty of women's breasts.
Many women worry that their breasts aren't ideal, for example too small. I suggest that women not be upset or wear push-ups, but be ironic about their small breasts and call them BOOBICUS LILIPUTIANICUS.
If her breasts are cone-shaped, in the way that was trendy in the age of Marilyn Monroe, I call them BOOBICUS SHARPICUS.
Of course, the luckiest are the owners of BOOBICUS GORGEOCUS – just imagine the most beautiful breasts you've ever seen in your life, and that’s them.
Eventually, however, even such breasts can become BOOBICUS SAGGICUS.
After breastfeeding five children they inevitably become BOOBICUS FLABBICUS, but it doesn't stop them from being beautiful.
All breasts, regardless of shape or size, are works of art, because they bring life and beauty into this world.