Tornike Gognadze (UNTITLED)

I perceive almost everything around me, be it physical or imaginary, as geometric figures, and I also use geometry as my spoken language.

As a curious child, I wonder and play with different materials, textures and shapes, then connect them with each other. My geometric works are based on the process from beginning to end, that leads to the end result.
I often change the working medium. Most of the time I try to touch materials the layers of which are still unfamiliar to me and leave more space for spontaneity. In this case, metal became my main material. I transform qualitatively heavy, rough, strong and solid material into absolutely opposite light, delicate and airy images. For me the crystal shape is primarily associated with transparency.

Basically, with the help of different shapes, I introduce asymmetry into symmetry through symmetry itself. It is important that the asymmetrical solution not to become eye-catching and rude to the viewer, but, on the contrary, to bring the final whole image into harmony and strengthen it structurally.