„Tariel is Getting Ready for hibernation”- Nika Kutateladze’s solo show

December 13, Nika Kutateladze's solo show "Tariel is preparing for hibernation" has been opened in Gallery Artbeat. The show is also presented on the hybrid art fair of NADA MIAMI 2020. The exhibition can be viewed by pre-registration until February 24.

Nika's artworks are mainly in the form of sculptures and installations, depicting everyday consumerism and the environment issues, as well as the impact of everyday events on architectural forms.

"Tariel is preparing for hibernation" is dedicated to the daily life of a dying mountain village in Guria and at the same time shares the author's creative approach to architectural transformations. While working on this series, he explored the objects of the village's earthly architectural landscape and their change in time and space.

Kutateladze transforms steel pieces, which protect the house walls from damage, into a new construction in order to remind us of their former, functional character.

The horrible process of depopulation creates a fateful picture, that deeply touches the artist and becomes the theme of his new project.