“Mouth of Darkness”- new online solo exhibition by Andro Eradze

Andro Eradze, Tbilisi based Photographer and video artist, whose work exists somewhere between fictive and documentary, presented his new digital solo exhibition “Mouth of Darkness”.

Displayed between the ruins of an old soviet building, poignant photos and installations express the unity of humans and nature in different forms and create a new form of storytelling. Despite the fact that, we only get to see the exhibition behind the screens, the artist still manages to effectively communicate with the rest of the world and deliver his special messages.

The digital exhibition opens with a quote by Rainer Maria Rilke:

“The specimens are looking in astonishment, at the traps where they found themselves.

Artificial plants take so much space in aquarium, that there is not enough air left for fish to breathe and they wish to jump out.

Abandoned plants left in the streets will still blossom.

Trees take care of each-other; it has been like this and will be like this.

And while we cannot see in the darkness, the star light is always enough for them to find the way out.”

You can see the whole exhibition on the following link: https://mouthofdarkness.online/