Elene Pichkhadze (GRANDMA’S HOUSE)

Elene Pichkhadze is a Tbilisi based artist. She is currently studying Visual Art and Design at Free University of Tbilisi.
Mostly working with oil paints, she also investigates other mediums and materials. In her works she shares personal and often damaging events of her life in an expressive and symbolic manner.
Her artworks often tell stories about sexuality, aggression, violence, feminity and pain.

“My grandma’s house didn’t always look like this“ is an installation dedicated to her grandparents and inspired by childhood spent in a little Georgian village.
Elene Pichkhadze views places as memory holders. Installation shows her grandparent’s house and stories that this house carries through time. Every event affected it in some way, leaving us with odd and unfunctional spaces.
All the construction elements are like scars on the body of this building.
This house is a place of happiness, loss and trauma. Pink color acts like nothing happened.