New exhibition by Ser Serpas at LC Queisser

On February 13th, new personal exhibition by American artist, activist an poet, Ser Serpas, has opened in Tbilisi, LC Queisser Gallery. During the opening, she also presented her second poetry book of the same name “Guest house”, which is the first publication of the new publishing house “Kona Books”.
Ser’s works, serial in nature, portray her playful approach of attempting to create a synthesis of two mediums, painting and poetry. The series of works displayed at the LC Quiesser Gallery were created during the pandemic in Tbilisi, when she was a resident artist of the art organization “Propaganda”.

Her biography includes many solo and group exhibitions, but this is his first solo exhibition in Tbilisi.

The exhibition is being held at 49 Tsinamdzgvrishvili street. Due to regulations, you can visit the gallery only by appointment.