“Together Forever “- show about self- exploration by Gvantsa Jishkariani

“The Why Not Gallery” in collaboration with “Open Space Tbilisi” presents Gvantsa Jishkariani’s solo show “Together forever”, exhibition, which portrays an increasingly personal take on the artist herself, her persona, interests, emotions and experiences; it is a journey through Gvantsa’s fears, traumas and weaknesses. But at the same time, it is a testament to her victory over these challenges and a sort of celebration of herself.

Gvantsa’s art is as experimental and eccentric as the artist herself. The presented exhibition, like all of her previous shows, is a new adventure into materials, techniques, forms of expression and a research of her own experiences. And as always, it is saturated with humor as a way to deal with the difficult social and political situation or personal experiences.

Supported by The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia

Presented at the theatre company Open Space for Experiemental Art, Tbilisi

You can visit the exhibition by appointment from 21/11/20 to 30/01/21. 

Source: https://www.gvantsajishkariani.com/