Sidonia Nun (DOOR)

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Sidonia Nun (Natalia Kachiashvili) was born and raised in Tsinandali. At the age of 17 she went to the Samtavro Monastery. For the last 16 years she has belonged to the Autocephalous Church of Greece.
Mother Sidonia got her education in Greece at the State University of Thessaly with a degree in Social Anthropology.
Since 2013, she has been organizing presentations of her works. Her projects include: "Transparency", on which she worked with Japanese photographer Yuriko Takag for Amarta, and later "Fish in the aquarium". Also, her exclusive is "Georgian soul revived in modern forms" - embroidery in silver.

"Door of New Opportunities"  is another installation of mother Sidonia.
There is a solution to every situation, but before we open the door to new opportunities, it is necessary to go through certain stages, difficulties. This staircase is a symbol of this, and the 8 on the door signifies eternity.