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TEXTUS (Latin) – 1. Network; 2. Textile; 3. Text.
This exhibition serves as a prologue for a big project, exploring the three-dimensional meaning of this word and its world-forming properties.

The first meaning - network - exhaustively describes the nature and structure of the infosphere in which we exist. Obviously, its quality is determined by the characteristics of the messages that form it. Most of them are insignificant and meaningless, if not toxic and even destructive. Only the artist is capable of resisting this destruction by opposing it with a conscious aesthetic statement.

Fabric - the second meaning of textus - is one of the most ancient and widespread carriers of this expression. In addition, metaphorically, it symbolizes the material of the universe, a living veil that takes the form of a changing reality.

The text, in essence, is a prototype of this reality. As a collection and interaction of original words, it represents the idea of the real world.

According to the Judeo-Christian doctrine, the world was created perfect, and the process of its corruption and destruction was the result of the fall.
The fabric of the universe began to decay, tear and spread. Creators are responsible for maintaining its integrity.
They "patch up the gaps" by exchanging artistic messages, thus creating a reserving and continuous context of world culture.

Uta Bekaia,
Mari Ataneli,
Lia Bagrationi,
Vakho Bughadze,
Maya Sumbadze