Throughout the ancient history every civilization in the world practiced
woodworking in order to develop vital skills, but also to create elements of buildings,
ships and furniture as well as decorative objects of beauty. Woodworking became an
important process that led to the advancement of civilization as people used created
objects to leave their marks. All cultures developed their own unique craft and style.

Industrial age and a conveyer belt approach to manufacturing ushered in by
new technologies brings in fears about decline of craftsmanship. But the need for
tangible, organic materials such as wood arises. Wooden furniture brings in a different
dimension into our habitat as people feel closer to their natural environment through
the products created by almost bare hands. Using wood to create innovative furniture is a logical next step.

Not only is wood everlasting, but it is also timeless. It connects the heritage of the past with our present, while promising a future. Woods ties us to our history, makes us more physically aware, and empowers us creatively through its versatility. It is more than just a way of making things – it is a way of thinking and a way of life. Therefore, we strongly believe that is important to support the artists working on wood especially as they are getting rid of stereotypical approaches and conventional design.

The Symposium at Ria Keburia Gallery will showcase voices of artists from different cultures, each presenting his/her individual style, without using any ethnic elements and celebrating a physical bond between materials and people.


For the Symposium 2020 in Kachreti we are inviting 10 sculptors.
The invitations will be accessible via our Facebook page and residency
website: www.riakeburia.com, while also distributed through our mailing list.

The selection will be based on your submitted proposal for the sculptures.

The wood for the Symposium in Kachreti will be excellent first-class Oak tree from
Denmark. It is unique and beautiful hardwood and we will do our best to find a good
piece of wood for your personal creation.

We are very much looking forward to hearing from you and we hope that you will
accept the challenge and apply for admission to the Innovative Furniture Symposium
in Kachreti 2020.

Deadline: February 20 th, 2020

Selection: The selection will be published shortly on March 4 th , 2020

The Symposium is taking place from 4th to 17 th May in the fields of Ambassadori Golf Club resort in the village Kachreti ,Georgia (one hour ride from the Tbilisi Airport). The work on innovative furniture will be supported by the wooden factory located on the territory of the resort.

Sunday 17 th May - Final preview of the artworks during the Art Ambassadori Festival.

Project Description:
Main goal of the Innovative furniture Symposium in Kachreti 2020 is to reinvent art-
oriented objects and create lasting connections between sculptors, artisans and
designers from Georgia and other countries.

The artworks will be evaluated and purchased by public, local firms or organizations.

● To enhance creative approach to design and skip traditional forms of furniture
● To create artistic and professional contacts between sculptors, artisans and designers from Georgia and other countries
● To elevate wood objects to professional artistic quality
● To strengthen art scene in Georgia
● To enhance tourist flow towards Kakheti region in Georgia
The organizers will provide the participants with the following materials:
● Hardwood log in max 2 meters length and about 60 - 80 cm diameter (Oak tree)
● Electric saw (in exceptional cases and for hard work motor saws may be used)
● Electric power supply 220 V 50 Hz
● Finishing materials (oil, paint, etc.)
The participants are kindly requested to bring any other tools or auxiliary materials.

The organizers will provide the following in connection with the Symposium Kachreti
2020 from 4th May to the morning of 18 May:

● All travel expenses from European countries (lowest travel expenses cost).
● Travel expenses from non-European countries should amount to maximum 1200 EUR.
● Accommodation (2 pers. room), meals and social arrangements
● Transport between Tbilisi-Kachreti-Tbilisi Airport
● Scheduled program with local or cultural highlights during the Symposium

● Spoken language at the Symposium will be Georgian/English/Russian
● The committee of Innovative Furniture Symposium in 2020 is responsible for the
organization of the symposium and reserves the rights for all works, including their
presentation in further publications and/or advertisements.
● Artist must complete the object during the symposium. Symposium will take place in
any type of weather. The working place is protected from the elements.
● Be aware that it is the participants' sole responsibility to be insured against accidents of any kind in connection to the symposium.
●Companions (to sculptors) will have to pay full price for accommodation, meals and
social arrangements totaling 650 euro.
●You as a sculptor are responsible to bring any additional materials if necessary for
completion of your object and are also responsible to bring any supporting materials for enhancing your visibility at the Symposium (e.g. past publications, video materials,
pamphlets, etc.)

The Symposium in Kachreti is run by a nonprofit organization and money from the sales of completed objects will be distributed to finance future symposiums. Your sculpture will be presented among potential buyers and put on sale for local firms, private individuals or organizations in Georgia. In order to realize the goals of the Symposium we need this information from you:

● Registration form (use registration form from the website) with name and contact
information as address, phone number, e-mail address etc.
● Additional information about you as sculptor (bio, press articles, names of the
previous publications)
● Photos of your sculptures that represent your working method and way of expression
(max. 10 images)
● 1-2 sketches/proposals for your artwork at the symposium in Kachreti 2020
● Short CV
● Application must be written in English!

Please send your registration form, application, CV, pictures and sketches to this email address: residency@riakeburia.com , e-mail: riakeburia@gmail.com
Phone +995599200535.

Best regards,
On behalf of the committee
Image credit: Michael Beitz, Just Wait, 2019, walnut with upholstery
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