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I've never seen this person before
Artist: Linden Tar
Linden Tar is a sculptor, animator and street artist. In her works, she explores the human psyche, using sculpture as a projective technique. Her field of research is the interaction of the human body and psyche, how the human psyche integrates images of the external world, how life experiences form new structures in the psyche and, ultimately, what constitutes the entity called a human.

“Part of my work resembles an intuitive process. To prevent it from being spoiled by planning and analysis, I use my own construction set - ceramic parts of the human body, objects, fabric, plants, glass, wood. It's like a box of toys in a psychotherapist's office. Trying to give expression to unnamed feelings and sensations, I assemble an object from these pieces. Once the image is born, I analyze and comprehend it, seeing what exactly I have brought forth from within myself. When the understanding comes, I refine the object. I may also embark on similar journeys inward and outward several times until I feel that the object is filled with a certain content that resonates with my psyche.”

This project is a series of self-portraits in which the artist explores the permeability of the boundaries of his personality, how events happening in the world affect the psyche of an individual. At the same time, one’s own personality is used here as the most accessible example, which can be observed as closely as possible, when the line between the subject and the researcher is erased.