ENJOY TRANSCENDENCE - Project Fungus Group Show
ENJOY TRANSCENDENCE is a collaboration between PROJECT FUNGUS and Ria Keburia Foundation.

In the residence program, eight artists worked on the theme:
myth and ritual in a modern consumer society

Artists worked on texts about the mentioned theme, which inspired individual artworks that carry dialogue with each other; and present different visions and perspectives.

In one case: it produces discourse about space and defines real and true. In another case, it constructs discourse about time, in which it generates the representation of time and creates subjects experiences.

Artists critically gaze at western traditions of heteronormativity, capitalism, rationalism, and science and try to rethink values created by these discourses.


Mariko Chanturia
Nini Goderidze
David Apakidze
Hitori Ni
George Kartozia
Tina Sharashenidze