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‘Songs Die As Soon As They Are Forgotten’ - Group Exhibition at Project Artbeat

Group exhibition “Songs Die As Soon As They Are Forgotten” is opening its doors to visitors on June 24th. 

The exhibition refers to the symbolic form of the circle, the metaphor of life which starts again in a burst of saving energy. This existentialist reflection on the circular movement is also a way of underlining the absurdity of life, the absurdity of the passage of time. Throughout the gallery space, the exhibition stresses the ridiculousness of things - things that end and begin again, begin and end again… In any case, it is all about starting over.

Participating artists: Salome Chigilashvili, Mamuka Japharidze, Mari Kalabegashvili, Deborah Hanson Murphy, Mathilde Rosier, Romain Sarrot, Adrien Vescovi, Zoe Williams.

Curated by Anissa Touati.

The exhibition will be available through 6th of August.