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Nestan Mikeladze is a contemporary Georgian artist. She had her first solo show in 2014, and since then her works have been exhibited in various group shows in Paris, Madrid, Berlin, and New York. Her experimentations are a result of her permanent quests. It is always interesting for her to work in different mediums. Nestan's works are distinguishable by their materials and artistic expressions. Current show exhibits artworks created during her residency within the last two month.

"Faith - as a tool to confront your future potential" becomes an impetus to move and exit - Exodus". Faith, confrontation with the difficulties, movement onward, and reaching the point of actualization of an individual psychopathy. That exact human path is
expressed on the presented canvases - from potential to the path and from the path to the point of actualization. To have faith in something that you don't see and won't be able to see (first canvas), to have faith in the energy accumulated within you and its manifestation in the ending point, which is depicted on the last canvas. From faith until the point of actualization is a long way, a desert to pass (second canvas). The social unconscious reveals itself on the way, you are in a crisis and contemplating whether your faith in your future is real or mere delusion.

The exhibition makes us ponder over possibilities of faith as a tool. Departure from the microenvironment towards a better future, towards a purposeful life, having faith and silently yielding to your inner logos, instead of sabotaging yourself, and having a sense of the potential that you have within you.

Installation of human hand is a symbol of an instrument to actualize potential.

Installation: "Instrument"; 160x45 cm; Armature, iron net, gypsum, paper mache, acrylic paint; 2023

Art piece one: "Potential"; 300x200 cm; Oil on canvas; 2023
Art piece two: "Desert"; 300x200 cm; Oil on canvas; 2023
Art piece three: "Land of milk and honey"; 300x200 cm; Oil on canvas; 2023

Three wallpapers: sketches of the main three canvases; watercolor and ink works; 280x90 cm; 2023