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Connecting the Dots.
A group show of current resident "Artists in Exile program":Arthur Bondar, Oksana Yushko, Daniil Dvinskih and Elena Slobtseva.

"Connecting the Dots" is an exhibition, where each artist's work includes copulative elements. The projects presented at the show provide an opportunity to experience artists' singular command of an ever-widening range of mediums, including sound installation, sculpture, architecturally scaled environments, photography, and drawings.

Through found objects, broken dishes, photos, and sound manipulation, the artists are creating links to their experience of the Georgian suburban region during the period of the residency. These works incline to create bonds of recollections from the past, the present, and the future. The manifold connections to the area in the exhibited projects offer a continuous thread of emotional, intellectual, and formal attentiveness that began at the start of the residency. This is a sort of "pattern of connections" that presents a slightly oxymoronic alternative to the prevailing narrative.

Functioning as an act and a metaphor, the idea of connections has been a valuable and persistent prompt for the current show. They are seen, for example, in the assembled structures of the fructured tableware, in the self-vanishing of sound installation, in the nocturnal goings-on of the empty space under the imaginary bridge construction, in found portraits from the abandoned building of the school in the area.

Leaving things open to multiple, often conflicting, understandings, artists repeatedly test the viewer's willingness to relinquish the safety of the familiar by reusing the traditional Georgian carpet patterns, symbolism, and utensils from the soviet times. As we move through the artificially created environments or stand in front of wrapped images of writers, ideas surface about what it means to be aware of our historical past from the perspective of now that inevitably is communicating our future.

Curated by Teona Yamanidze

"Artists in Exile" residency program is co-funded by Ipureland.