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What holds the clouds
Artist: Amine Amharech
Amine Amharech's art is considered an investigation into the orthogonal engendered and architectural devices, and the organic landscape in which it is situated within. It is an exploded view of an architecture MD cloud, creating a fractal of multiple structures, yet thought of as sculptures.

The design-led research proposes to explore the design of architectural fractals as art pieces. Art and architecture share a conceptually blurred relationship in Amine Amharech's work.

Conceiving forms as an architectural intervention on how to actively initiate the shapes of clouds. Amine's artworks explore the realm between architecture and art through the creative and critical process of speculative architectural cartography.

The principal aim of the Artist's intervention is to investigate how the forms create a place structure and its meaning. He explores the complex relationship and limited condition that exists between new perspectives of memory and architecture. The work and design gesture push the envelope of drawing in architecture as a mixed media of virtual and physical forms into architecture's future spatial dexterity.