Fall-winter Ria Keburia collection 2016/17 will be the first to unite 10 independent collaborations into one global project. The collection is dedicated to the mystery of reincarnation, a process of transformation of the spirit from one physical body to another, from male to female.

The Spirit wanders and finds new objects for temporary shelter, a human, an animal or a tree, and finally becomes Leshy (Slavic mythology) - mysterious androgynous creature, who reins the Spooky forest.

Ten independent brands form the new collection by Ria Keburia Gallery. Each designer tells its own story dedicated to a certain stage of reincarnation. 711 is working with the rebirth of Sudarinya (holy queen in Slavic mythology), Woodsun is telling the fairy-tale of the animal soul's beginning. Kim Malygin is creating special shoes to finalise the collection as the process of reincarnation.

Ria Keburia is like her collection's main character. She managed to give rebirth to her brand, to transform it into a full gallery. As if flipping through the pages of an old book, viewers will see all the 5 stages of reincarnation of the spirit through the eyes of ten different artists. Ria will be the curator of this gallery, the main purpose of which is the cultivation of art in fashion and its further ommercialisation. Nobody will stay indifferent...

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