2016 Autumn-Winter collection became a turning point for Ria Keburia, transforming the brand into a designer gallery comprised of numerous collaborations with various artists, making RiaKeburia a curator of new art dimension. In the new season of Spring-Summer 2016 Riaopens a door into a whole new world, another parallel Universe, existing under own rules. Collection's main characters are again a group of people, united by a dream to enter outer space and find escape from worldly burden. These spacemen – heroes of the collection, of no gender, are initially fully averaged, deprived of any prominent nature and characteristics, however each of them longing to be chosen by fate and thus challenging the fortune.

Ria is playing with objective independent factor, setting own rules of her world characters' interaction, thus explaining the name Fortune 79, directing us to the wheel of fortune, ancient symbol of chance's victory over mind. The spacemen shall become participants of a very unique lottery. Each of them represents a specific letter, this being the first and only difference that can only be seen with a winner of the game. The essence of Fortune 79 game lieswith spinning of roulette, each time stopping upon the following participant. Players, whose letters shall be chosen by power of chance, shall be connected to a specific cord, while their chests shall be illuminated by «a lucky letter". The game, played between these genderless creatures, shall be climaxed by a victory of the luckiest among them, meaning that the mightiest shall win. (LUCKY AND MIGHTY BEING DIFFERENT NOTIONS) In the final scene 7 images with neon inscriptions on the floor and separate chording shall become a live installation – the best among the equal, lucky charms, winners in the game of survival, making it through to outer.

Designers of "Fortuna79" shall develop characteristic details of genderless costumes of spacemen, whereas Ria, in her capacity of the curator, shall assemble and unify the new heroes of her Universe and present the final neon installation. Cosmic game of lucky chance shall become yet another step for Ria Keburia Gallery towards establishment as a fully running art gallery hosting permanently nomad cast and one big dream of victory of the new, ultra-contemporary art.


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