Ria Keburia has decided to abandon the infant element in the new season to embark upon another ambitious project – a carousel as a figment of the imagination, an amazing circus called Gruzlandia. It's a chaotic landscape of miracles, a place that gives people the cultural knowledge and the opportunity to explore various parts of Georgia through the prism of how they see Ria Keburia. Visitors to Gruzland enter a special booth, from which they begin an incredible adventure in this fantastic country full of surprises. So, what really is Gruzlandia?

The task is far from easy, picking project designers from totally different worlds with their unique vision of the world and giving them the opportunity to work on something new, art is very much a new realm for these designers. Jaba Diasamidze rethinks Baroque, Diana Kvariani fantases within Impressionism, Irakli Rusadze shares his sense of constructivism, and Uta Bekaia will look at the project through the lenses of Zoomorph and animal symbolism.

Ria Keburia will unite not only different areas of art but also historical epochs and therefore in conjunction with I-O-U accesoires brand, where shoe makar Nakahara aims to address the modern trends in art and presents postmodern shoe. What will come of this collaboration and the idea of connecting five different branches of art within one fantastic circus, each telling its own fascinating story?
As the main tool in this project, Ria Keburia will run through the common Zip, interwoven through each collaborator. As curator, the role is to analyse the creative directions, genres, styles and periods involved and create a coherent whole, a fluid hybrid that interweaven the main characteristics of each story. As the carousel turns, the eye passes over the exhibitors in each of the cages , thus Gruzlandia is the "nation state" in which of these themes are perfectly unified.

To watch this kaleidoscope of expression turn, bringing together eras and creatively encapsulating a perfect chaos, from which a brave new world is born will be possible very soon. With Ria Keburia's track record in bringing such flawless artistic collaborations together, there should be little doubt that the consciousness of Gruzlandia's audience will change once and for all.

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