The Why Not Gallery and Ria Keburia Residency are glad to present a group exhibition
'Seven Sentences on Time'.

The exhibition brings together artworks by artists Mariam Akubardia, Ruska Badriashvili, Ana Kezeli, Sandro Sulaberidze, Ana Chaduneli, Tiko Kharkhelauri and Gvantsa Jishkariani who participated at the residency program.
Each of the artists thinks and works in a completely different way, and therefore went through a completely different creative process during their stay in Kakheti and reflected on different aspects of this experience.
For some, the main source of inspiration was the desolate, snow-covered tranquil landscapes, radically different perceptions of eternity, time and timelessness.
For others, the harmonious atmosphere of the residence turned out to be a kind of trigger, pushing and challenging them to think about the war today, their own war, the war in their memory, the war they have learnt about, and what will be left of thisexperience in history.