VI - Robbossanse

Everything new is old well forgotten and remastered - the genderless fashion of today mixed with an attempt to revive royalty on earth embarks us on a journey from past into the future. Along this journey we see robots, restricted and confined in their sharp-angle shapes, fluidly combined with feminine touch to them. This is how two cutting-edge fashions consummate. Constructed shapes released by padding are set into always pure flowing and falling silhouettes, playing a game between straight and trapeze lines.

There was a time on earth when clothes portrayed wealth. Nowadays sporty robo shapes colonize fashion. Here is an attempt to visualize the impossible struggle of both.

Padded straight coats iced with romantic prints, worn with wide skirts recalling the silhouettes of past era, all remastered in an innovative, contemporary way. This is how past walks into the future.

Another example of the transition is cloisonne enamel, traditional georgian jewelry, created in collaboration with Sopho Gongilashvili.

The pieces depict robo silhouettes, softened by the masterwork, thus giving birth to struggling mix of pastand future centuries, the beating heart of the collection.