IV - War

Impact of Bifurcation.

This collection tells us a story – already told, seen and felt so many times, but never in such a way. The novelty is in the symbolism, the passion is in geometry, the meaning is in the fusion…

The collection portrays an event in time, which is yet so new, but already a part history – it shows us war between nations, traditions, people. There is understanding of global evaluation of a war between two countries, as a victim, I start to appreciate and value needs, traditions and culture.

The august of 2008 brought with itself a sense of explosion, triggering bifurcation of borders, people and, most importantly, minds. Bifurcation, the impact of which is now beginning to echo in reality – starting from one, breaking into two… The mind of the artist shows us two split ways, two different paths, put in pure geometry of the square and the trapeze.

Square- is the symbol of evenness, soundness, order and strength, set in shape hard as stone, stagnated forever. The square stands for Russian soldier, portraying his silhouette and causing his emotional disconnection.

Trapeze is a female, with related womanly nature, warm with tradition end emotion, fluid in her unevenness, pure and independent. Trapeze sets the restrictions and norms, but lengthens their shapes with culture, making herself so hard to accept and understand, but so easy to value.

I see the fight of cultures, norms and traditions, beginning with initial bifurcation and, finally, ending in fusion of the opposites. The fusion to which the overseeing, protecting angel of peace .

Cross is leading them, through water and fire, towards the light…