Russian folk instruments are reborn in accessories. Within the Autumn-Winter 2016 collection, the brand Ria Keburia presented a collaboration with the Georgian brand 711. Designers Riya Keburia and Nino Eliava were inspired by the forms of traditional Russian musical instruments. In one bag you can guess the tambourine, and in the other - the accordion. Materials for accessories were traditional for 711 - plastic and yarn.

The idea of 0711 creation (by the way, these are girls' favorite digits) appeared in parallel with an online project moreislove.com.

In 0711 production the new knitting techniques are applied and each of the products is created manually by artisans in Georgia. The most famous purse model, named \'Copacabana\', for which innovative knitting techniques in organic glass frames were adopted, was created in 2015. Today among the brand's top models are also \'St. Barts\' and \'St. Tropez\'.

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