Ria's collaboration with Roman Ermakov focuses on the links worlds of modernity and the Soviet Union, fresh ideas and retro style. Drawing inspiration from the history of USSR, Ria boldly uses the brightest associations about the life of the Soviet people, their attitude to sport and healthy lifestyle. The designer combines within a collection several cultural layers of the time, mixing the constructivist architecture and symbolic minimalist suits of the athletes. Impressed by Live sculptures of Roman Ermakov, Ria invited him to develop a series of prints and implement them in the collection. The main idea here was the glorification of the success and achievements of Soviet athletes at the Olympic games of 1980, established the USSR as a superpower.

Roman Ermakov is a representative of the modern art scene in Russia. Roman Studied at the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering as an engineer-architect.

Since 2006, the artist has participated in festivals, exhibitions and the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Russia and other countries.

Since 2012, he has represented Russia at world festivals of living sculptures: World Living Statues (Arnhem, Netherlands), MASCA (Bucharest, Romania), UFO festival (Szamotuły, Poland).

In 2014 he participated in the Cultural Olympics in Sochi and was one of the artists who represented Russia at the Doma Art Festival / \"The Hearthbeat of New Russia\" in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Since 2009, the artist creates a big collection of avant-garde costumes \"Live Sculptures\". With this and other collections, Roman participates in numerous festivals and art fashion weeks, such as Fashion & Light Design (Moscow, Russia, 2012), Berlin Alternative Fashion week (Berlin, Germany, 2015), FashionClash (Maastricht, Netherlands, 2016), Antwerp Fashion festival (Antwerp, Belgium, 2016), Moscow Designers (Moscow, 2017, 2018)

In December 2016, Roman organized the WOW! Festival. There were presented 12 designers and artists creating bright art collections. The festival took place at the Moscow State Museum of Architecture.

In June 2018, in collaboration with the architectural bureau Druzhba, he authored a children\'s park, including an interactive art object in Vyksa city during the Art-Ovrag festival.

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