The Ria\'s and Sopho\'s capsule consists of brooches made in the traditional Georgian technique called cloisonne enamel. They become part of the Robossance collection of the autumn-winter 2015 season, dedicated to the steampunk fantasy of Ria about how a girl transforms from an embryo into a robot, while retaining her soul. The clothing for the collection made of high-tech fabrics, and the silhouettes send us

to the historical costume of the Renaissance, and brooches become the final detail - dualism, the main ideas of Keburia are embodied in the very idea of portraying people-machines with the help of ancient painting techniques.

Sopho Gongliashvili is Georgian accessory designer. She is making beautiful and unique jewelry from enamel and silver by using very old technique invented by artisans in the ancient times. She made her first collection in 2000. What Sopho creates is a true form of art, expressing her inner world through intricate details and splash of colors. Inspired by everyday real events, Sopho pours her passion into her hand-crafted masterpieces of enamel and silver. Sopho has revived cloisonné enamel technique that came to Georgia from the Byzantine Empire in the 12th century and remained unchanged ever since. Embracing new cultures through travel and genuine interest in people is reflected in her collections.

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